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Review from Josh K.

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New River, AZ


Just completed my third move with A.R.E. This is a great moving company.

During my previous-to-last move I was swooned by the highest rated moving company on Yelp... Big mistake. Huge. I should have stuck with A.R.E. That high-Yelp company took 8+ hours. A.R.E. took 5. The other company wrapped every piece of furniture in plastic (and still, things broke). A.R.E. said that's just for show and to pad their hours. A.R.E.  just does it right. A flawless move. No nickel-and-diming over TVs, etc.

$65/hr for a 2-man crew that hustles, doesn't take smoke breaks and has a great and helpful attitude. Their company slogan is "Don't fuss or cuss, call us." My move yesterday was the least stressful move of my life.

About the only knock I can think on them is they are old school. No web page, no email confirmation. Their business model relies on word-of-mouth and business cards (and has for 35 years).

Also, I don't believe they rent boxes etc. so requires you to be prepared.

Efficient and polite. I will use them as long as I'm in Arizona.



H. Fitch



They have moved me several times over the past 20 years with never a problem. My family, clients and friends have also used ARE Movers and have been very satisfied. I would highly recommend to anyone!

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